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The Don McDonald Show

The Don McDonald Show

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    Most of today’s syndicated talk radio is a variation on the same political theme. Identical positions, repeated over and over again, that can become tedious. There are a few alternatives; programs where a “good-old-boy” host preaches a monotonous sermon about debt or the occasional bored moderator who seems to repeat the same thing, over and over. Then, there are those who can’t wait to get their hands on your money.

    Wouldn't it be refreshing if you could listen to a show that actually makes a difference in people’s lives today and into the future, with a host who truly cares? That program is the “Don McDonald Show.”

    If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Don is a 27-year talk radio veteran (originally from KVOR in Colorado Springs and KOA in Denver) and one of the founders of Business Radio Network in 1988. His was BRN’s most popular program for many years.
    Money magazine considered Don “a knowledgeable pro” who actually listened to his callers and helped them find a way to build a more financially secure future. Millions thought of Don as a “dear friend,” or a “wise uncle,” who effectively cut through the financial tangle and made the complex understandable.

    Unlike so many who dispense money-oriented help on the airwaves, Don refused to sell out. He remains an advocate for real investors, as he helps them understand the difference between good ideas and dangerous ones, between investing and gambling.

    Almost 3 decades in the financial business, and talk radio, gives Don the skills to guide his audience through life’s daily financial ordeals, like finding a better career, getting out from under ponderous bills (without becoming “preachy”), or working toward a better retirement. He is also ready to take on those who prey on a financially unsophisticated public with facts and wry humor.

    Rarely do we deal with politics in our daily lives, but we do spend about half of our lives involved with money. From earning it to spending it, growing it to protecting it, we can’t help but deal with it.

    Don is one of the few voices on the radio helping people work with money honestly, comprehensively, and effectively. Plus, he gives listeners access to some of the world’s brightest financial minds, such as John Bogle, Professors Kenneth French, Eugene Fama and other academics, along with a host of best selling authors and columnists, like Larry Swedroe, Chuck Jaffe, and Dan Solin.

    As Don says “It’s your money, it’s your life, be sure you make the most of both.”