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Phil Grande is the host and creator of the Phil's Gang Radio Show®. He is the man who coined the phrase, "I'm going to tell you what Wall Street doesn't want you to know!" No one can predict the Stock Market with such accuracy as Phil Grande can, no one!

The Predictions
In May 2007 when the stock market was at 13980, the financial media had their financial experts saying the market was going to make gains to 15000. They shouted that everyone should "Buy! Buy! Buy!" But not Phil. Phil made an incredible prediction and told his live radio audience that they should do the opposite and sell their stocks short! He insisted that the market was about to fall to a low of 11,600. And just as he predicted, that's exactly what it did!

In October 2007 when the FEDS announced a new rate reduction, the whole financial media once again insisted that not only was there going to a be a huge rally within the stock market, but they told their viewers to "Buy" just as they had back in May of 2007. It was another heinous error on their part. However, Phil insisted over and over again on his show that this was false! He predicted that the stock market was going to see a massive decline all the way down to 6,500. “This market is going to crash and you should be shorting your positions!" With yet another remarkable prediction, his members made a spectacular 37% profit! Unfortunately, those who listened to the financial talking heads on television and cable lost over 40% of the portfolios. Ever since then Phil has since made even more amazing predictions not even the experts have been able to call. He says, "it is not voo-doo or even luck, it's called charting".

The Entrepreneur
Phil has been an entrepreneur his whole life. At 16 years of age he was a professional extreme skier and made a living by teaching people to ski. As a young adult he used his business skills to take over privately held companies that were poorly ran and turned them around to be profitable. Everything from land developments to oil distributors, furniture manufacturers and even hair salons! Phil would identify their problems and bring them back to prosperity. Sometimes by replacing the management or through private placement, or even funding them with his own capital. By the age of twenty four he was a self made millionaire.

Phil has received numerous honors and recognitions throughout his business career. In 1987 the big six accounting firm, Arthur Young and Venture Magazine honored Phil as the “Entrepreneur of the Year" in the United States”. For two years consecutively Phil's holding company also made the prestigious Inc. Magazine Annual Inc. 500 List which identifies and honors America's 500 fastest growing privately held companies.

Phil has obtained his unique perspective and competitive edge not only from business experiences, but from life in general. When Phil decided to take his private land company public that is when his interest in the economic markets and Wall Street began to grow. It was this experience that brought enlightenment to Phil as he watched and learned in amazement of the corruptions and fallacies of Wall Street. To this day it still amazes him just how Wall Street in general from its past and to this very day manages to delude the public.
What is Phil's Gang?

Being Dyslexic, Phil never finished the 8th grade. He found school to be difficult and in those days no one really understood this condition called dyslexia. It was because of his dyslexia Phil would become one of the nation's leading stock traders and experts of "technical charting". He developed a trading system so simple following a simplistic pattern on a chart that anyone could learn!
Phil has experienced many things in life and yet nothing could have ever prepared him for the news he received on the day he found out that his only child, his son had been diagnosed with cancer. It was through this experience and a promise personal only to him that if his son would be healed that Phil would help others with whatever means and skills he had. Thankfully his son beat the cancer!
Phil's opportunity to make good on his promise became possible in March 2000 when the Dot Com bust blew up the financial markets. It came one afternoon while he sat alone in the small brokerage trading room where he had overheard a conversation the business owners were having that caught his attention. Phil had heard these types of conversations before in his past as a young entrepreneur. The owners of the trading room were discussing how they were going to keep their once booming business from going bust.

In a brief instant Phil made the decision to approach these desperate owners and insisted that if given the chance he could save their company. If they would sponsor him for a local radio show, he could not only save their company from certain failure, but he would tell his audience what he knew and that was "What Wall Street didn't want them to know"! By doing so they would understand how the markets work. Teach them how the markets work and now teach them how to trade with the system he developed for his own trading. All he asked of his students was to donate any percentage of their profit earnings to the children's charity of his choice, the late Paul Newman's R.O.C.K. Camp for Sick Kids and St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

The desperate business owners agreed with Phil's plan and a new radio talk show had begun.

As Phil's listenership grew, so grew his membership of students, and a new gang of traders was born and thus began "Phil's Gang".
Broadcasting coast to coast for over a decade, Phil was about to make a prediction that no one could ever imagine. He made the prediction of a real estate bubble that was about to burst! This prediction made some station owners unhappy, so much so that one general manager told him that "he was scaring people so he had better make up happy stories or else!" Phil chose to stay with his prediction. The general manger made good on his threat and Phil was thrown off the air!

As time went on Phil's predictions and trades became so accurate that they were almost frightening. Yet, no one would listen, not even the owners of the trading room that he helped save from certain financial ruin. However, there was one person who did listen, his long time friend Marta. As an owner of various types of businesses and through her own insightfulness, she recognized that Phil had a unusual talent. She knew instinctively that the same business owners that Phil helped save could not move Phil and his message forward. So after making the pitch to take her on as a partner, Phil agreed and in July 2007 a new Phil's Gang partnership emerged. After several months of being in business together Phil made Marta an offer she could not refuse and so the two are now married. The Phil's Gang show is broadcast from downtown Sarasota, along with a small family of members. Phil and Marta live in downtown Sarasota along with their faithful companions two frisky Maltese pups.


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