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Real Estate Round Up

Real Estate Round Up

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    Real Estate Round Up is your weekly recap of ALL things real estate. From local market trends to mortgage analysis and everyday consumer issues, host Jason Mitchell of the Mitchell Group and John Conklin of the Legacy Group will be joined by professionals from across the nation to discuss what is truly going on in the real estate market. This is your chance to ASK the questions you want ANSWERED, talk to the professionals and FINALLY get the help you need to meet your real estate GOALS. So tune in to Real Estate Roundup… REAL, real estate talk this and every Friday at Noon on Monday Radio 1510

    For more information call Jason Mitchell and the Mitchell Group at 480-522-1030 or www.mitchellgroupaz.com

    To contact John Conklin and the Legacy Group call 480-368-7701 or online at www.legacyg.com