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Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox

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Brandon Cox is the leader and founder of Pipeline Oil and Gas. Brandon was born and raised near Topeka, Kansas but relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 2001. He chose Phoenix as his new home after doing some research and finding out that Phoenix was primed for a real estate boom! Turns out that his instincts were correct and he quickly excelled in the local Arizona real estate market. He became the top agent at the real estate firms he worked for and one of the top agents in the state of Arizona. Brandon also co-hosted a very popular local radio talk show for a few years in Phoenix, Arizona. The show was broadcasted to over 70,000 listeners and focused on real estate and investing topics. Being on the radio on a regular basis was one of the highlights in his career because he was able to establish and build relationships with a lot of industry leaders. He was also able to reach out and help many investors who were looking for an alternative to many of the traditional investment options available. With remarkable attention to detail and a non-stop drive for results, he was able to provide superior service in all aspects of residential real estate. His sales experience, which involves over 1500 transactions, combined with extensive real estate knowledge as an investor himself, ensured that his clients real estate investing goals were carried out, efficiently and personally. Brandon is a high-energy professional, who is focused on delivering quality service. He prides himself on communication, accessibility and integrity.

Brandon believes that one of the main factors to his success is because he grew up in a small town Kansas. That small town Midwest upbringing taught him that a person keeps their word and a verbal promise or a handshake means just as much as signing a legal document, when making a commitment to someone. He learned that this philosophy, along with working hard and staying focused goes a long way in business.

Brandon also enjoys spending his time and making memories with his nine year old daughter Skylar and his girlfriend Caitlin. He also enjoys an active lifestyle of traveling, exercising, hunting, fishing, and playing sports.

Pipeline Oil and Gas Beliefs

Pipeline Oil and Gas was founded by Brandon Cox who is no stranger to consistently introducing investors to conservative investments that offer a high rate of return. He wants others to know that there are high grade investment opportunities out there for people to take advantage of, as opposed to some of the “less than stellar” more traditional investment options available. Brandon believes that most people have been conditioned by society to believe that you cannot generate a high rate of return on your hard earned money, unless the investment is “risky”. Brandon wants to continue to show others that it is possible to invest in secure investments and generate a high rate of return on their money despite what most of society believes. Just because a lot of people think something is true, does not necessary validate the truth. There needs to be concrete evidence to support the truth and showing investors where they can get elevated returns on their investment is exactly what he does by participating in opportunities that continue to defy society’s idea of “the higher the risk, the higher the reward” or “sounds too good to be true” mentality. Brandon knows that there are a lot of people who have been burned on some their past investments because someone set lofty expectations but failed to deliver on those expectations in the end. Pipeline Oil and Gas is dedicated to helping investors get back on track with their investment goals.


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