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Denver Nowicz

Denver Nowicz

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Starting fifteen years ago my Mom, Dad and Grandmother all developed health issues.  Like many Americans, they had each followed conventional wisdom when it came to financial planning.
And, like many Americans, they found themselves at the bottom of their financial barrel while the medical bills piled up. My father, who had owned a small business, had a hard time just keeping up with taxes and inflation.  He was not eligible for long term care and when he became ill, the money he had did not last long.

My mom had invested her nest egg in the stock market when I was younger only to have it disappear into nothing.  My mom and grandmother moved in together to help each other financially, however, the house and extra medical care proved too much so they came to live with me.  I did my best to ensure my Dad’s last five years of life were as comfortable and happy as I could make them.  My grandmother, who outlived her small savings and pension, lived with me until she passed at 93 (A “good run” as she would say).  I am thankful that my success has allowed me to help care for my mom and keep her healthy and happy in her own home.  I know she appreciates what I have done and I know she wishes she could be financially independent.

 As I experienced the financial frustration of my family, I began to think of ALL the people out there who try so hard to provide for themselves, only to see it disappear in the stock market or get slowly eaten up by taxes, fees or inflation.  I had watched this happen to my loved ones first hand, and I still had to plan my OWN safe retirement so that I would not fall in the same “conventional cycle”.  I felt angry at the supposed “financial experts” who told these people to put their life savings into the market and charge them fees as their money was lost.  I decided that there had to be another, better way to save for retirement. 

Over the last 10 years I have refined a complete approach that will grow your money risk-free, get you mortgage free in 1/3 to ½ the time and protect what you have from taxes, inflation, and medical expenses.

Whether you are nearing retirement, or just starting to plan for the future, I can provide the services to help you live a good financial life in which you will never have to worry about running out of money when you retire. 


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