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Its All About Money

Its All About Money

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    Bill Tatro has entertained audiences for over 30 years. Having been a financial advisor, Bill is an accomplished author, nationally syndicated radio host, and economist with a keen understanding of today’s politics that affect our economy and your pocketbook.

    Bill’s daily radio show is an educational experience for the listener – he’s not afraid of taking a stand against the government or the current state of the economy. He’s the author of a paid published newsletter called Macro Profit, and a writer for Townhall Finance. Bill also has a new book coming soon.

    Bill began in Rochester, NY and quickly grew his show throughout the state. In 2005, Bill started ‘It’s All About Money’ with Money Radio in 2005, and has been among our most popular program ever since. Now catch Bill's show "It's all About Money" weekdays in Phoenix from 8-9 pm!