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Email Frequently Asked Questions

Money Radio 1510's Email Followup Procedures

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Want to know how we'll handle your email?

We at Money Radio 1510 want you to know that your emails are very important to us.
There are a few things that you may want to know about regarding your emails
you submit.
If you haven't received a response, or want to know how or when we'll respond,
read below to determine what type of email you're sending.


I sent an email to a specific host. Why wasn't the specific email address

If a host provides a public email for contact, we have it in our database.
You may have wondered why they are not necessarily supplied on this site.
That's simply because if it shows up so you can see it, then email 'spammers'
can have computers find them too, and those hosts will be flooded with junk
e-mail. If you do want to get a specific email address, feel free to call
the office, and we'll give you anything email that a host has provided.


Why wouldn't a host have an email contact?

Some hosts have either regulatory control about how they can correspond
with financial or tax advice, some make a personal choice about providing
an email address. Usually the latter option is because of the flood of emails
that they would get, or that they prefer that questions be directed during
their broadcast.


What if I don't or haven't heard back from a host?

We at Money Radio 1510 would love all hosts to respond immediately, and expect that
most of them do so when they are able, but we can't control whether or not
they wish to. Many of these hosts have websites and/or physical addresses
available on this site, and you are certainly welcome to send a letter to
them directly.
Keep in mind that we do respond to your comments when directed to the staff
or management at Money Radio 1510, under almost all circumstances where you wish to
hear from us. Read below to learn more about how we handle staff emails.


What if I have a press release?

Many who have press releases attempt to send to every host and/or staff
member in an attempt to get it read. Keep in mind that repeat emails are
monitored and screened out if they appear to be a 'spam' type of submission.
Because of the countless Press Releases we receive, do not expect a reply.


What if I want to submit an upcoming event that Money Radio 1510 may be interested

Feel free to choose 'Announce an Event' on the drop down screen. These
are handled by our in house staff, and a determination is made as to its
appropriateness on the site.


I'm having problems with my streaming or on-demand audio on your website.
How will you help?

We will try to respond to your email, but usually our first reply will
be to follow the help menu on our Listen Live page.
We have created a special place in that section to address those needs.
If you follow them and still have problems, you'll be offered an alternative
way to have your needs addressed.


Note for those who have submitted comments about the hosts or programming

The truth is, most don't take the time to put their thoughts to paper (or
virtual paper) unless they're dissatisfied (it's human nature, we suppose)
and we welcome it. We'd like to make the simple request that you keep comments
civil. Inflammatory or offensive comments generally aren't acknowledged
in many cases by our staff - if you have a genuine and respectful disagreement
with our content, we really would like to hear what you think. Money Radio 1510
has become what it is today mostly from comments from our listeners, and
we thank you for it!


Have more questions that aren't addressed here?

Call our offices and talk directly to the Program Director at 602-241-1510.