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The movement of small business owners throughout their day is a constant transition from darkness to light. When something good happens, our world seems newly illuminated. Every struggle, every setback, seems to cause darkness to return.

But we know every dark moment is an opportunity for light. The only question is, will our efforts produce a flicker or a beam? And isn’t not knowing what makes the anticipation sweeter?

Should we long for a life without struggle? Wouldn’t constant light become boring? Remember, the enemy of light is not darkness - it’s glare.


Some Thoughts on Hope

There comes a time in the life of every small business when we’ve done everything we’re supposed to: developed a plan, worked the plan, stuck to our budget, focused on the fundamentals, and we’re still not absolutely sure we’re on the right track toward success. So what keeps us going? Hope.


Reinventing Yourself and Your Business

If you've spent at least a few years in the marketplace, there is an excellent chance that you've reinvented yourself at least once.

There was probably a moment, an inspiration, an event, a conversation, or a pink slip that caused you to start that new journey. And if you're a small business owner, it's also a safe bet that you've discovered you must keep reinventing your business, too.


Avoid gas pain with planning and communication

"Where's the pain?"

As we discussed recently, this is the newest question to get to the point of what's preventing a business from accomplishing its goals. It's an important question. Because when pain occurs, like when expenses get out of control, it's essential to quickly identify and reduce that pain.

There are two kinds of out-of-control expense pain:

1) The kind that happens because you aren't managing your business properly;


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