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Program Schedule - Phoenix

Program Schedule

Weekdays 3am - 4am

The Small Business Advocate Show, with founder and award-winning host, Jim Blasingame, is the ONLY weekday radio show in America dedicated to entrepreneurs, and those who want to be.

Weekdays 4am - 6am

This show combines the market insight of Louis Rukeyser, a dash of sports, and the humor of Seinfeld with truly honest stock market and economic advice.

Weekdays 6am - 8am

We take the mystery out of the markets. More news driven, more market information, the NEW Business for Breakfast is fresh, fun, and guaranteed to start your business day the right way! Ken Morgan and Julie Dougherty, give you constant market reports, On-Demand Traffic every ten minutes, and intriguing interviews with business and market newsmakers.

Weekdays 8am - 9am

Smart Is the New Rich Read Steve's best selling b

Weekdays 9am - 10am
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
The Clark Howard Show
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  The Clark Howard Show
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  The Clark Howard Show
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  On the Money with Anil Vazirani
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  Chamber Chat with Rick Kidder
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Weekdays 10am - 11am

Ray Lucia has been a financial planner since 1974 and has built a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on financial planning. He will answer your questions at 844-729-7469. Money Radio also continues to keep you informed of the latest business news and market activity.

Weekdays 11am - Noon

“Bucket Strategy Investing” helps listeners with their most challenging financial issues: managing their money for today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals – all based on the plan called the “Bucket Strategy”! Johnny Dean and Rick “the Professor” Plum, CFP® tackle any question – retirement planning, Social Security benefits, managing taxes, and more.Join “the Braintrust” – the advisers and strategists from Lucia Capital Group, who offer guidance to listeners based on decades of experience in the financial services industry.Fast-paced, fun, and focused on wealth education.

Weekdays Noon - 1pm
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Crude Awakenings with Brandon Cox
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  Happiness, Opportunity and Technology with John Barnabas
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  Talkin Money with Steve Netzel More Information   The Right Side of the Trade
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  Health Futures with Bob Roth

Weekdays 1pm - 2pm
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Money Making Mondays with Evan Greenberg
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  The Clark Howard Show
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  The Real Estate Radio Arizona Show with Carol Royse
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  Good As Gold with Nick Grovich
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  Millennial Money Club
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Weekdays 2pm - 3pm

In 1990, after only 2 ½ years of investing in real estate, Mr. Walmsley using the income from single family rent houses, replaced his earned income and quit as Director of Sales at Bally’s Health Clubs.

Weekdays 3pm - 4pm

Everyday something significant happens in the financial markets, and everyday Gary Kaltbaum brings his 24 years of financial advice to bear to sort it out on Money Radio, tell us what it means, and give us an opinion as to how it will impact our investments. Call in live to this informative program!

Weekdays 4pm - 5pm

The ever popular afternoon drive program ‘Financial Review’ has been highly acclaimed since its original airing back in 1995. Listeners have made Sinclair a consistent part of their commute home.

Weekdays 5pm - 6pm

Moe Ansari begins each Market Wrap broadcast with an analysis of the day's news from Wall Street and around the world, along with their implications for the financial markets.

Weekdays 6pm -7pm

Clark Howard is the watchdog for consumers everywhere, and we feel Clark is a perfect fit. Protecting your wallet and keeping you aprised of the latest in consumer technology every weekday.

Weekdays 7pm - 8pm

As the host and creator of "PHIL'S GANG® Radio Show", Phil Grande is the man who coined the phrase,
“I’m going to tell you what Wall Street doesn't want you to know!”
In doing so, no one can call the Stock Market with such precision quite like Phil Grande can!

Weekdays 8pm - 9pm

Clark Howard is the watchdog for consumers everywhere, and we feel Clark is a perfect fit. Protecting your wallet and keeping you aprised of the latest in consumer technology every weekday.

Weekdays 11pm - 2am

The Schnitt Show is a conservative radio talk show that airs Monday through Friday 10pm- 12am. Schnitt describes himself as a “fiercely independent conservative with libertarian influence.” One of the slogans heard on the show’s recorded bumpers is, “he’s not drinking anybody’s Kool-Aid.”

Saturday 8am - 9am

The world of RETIREMENT PLANNING - whether you are planning to retire someday, or find yourself already there, you know there’s lots of advice swirling around - some dangerous, some making outrageous claims. Where do you go? Who can you trust? How do you avoid The Danger Zone?

Saturday 9am - 10am

The Real Estate Radio Arizona Show, hosted by Carol Royse and her partners Vikki Royse-Middlebrook and Tim Evans. The purpose of this show is to help consumers understand what’s really going on in our local Arizona Real Estate market. They are teaching the “why” and the “how-to”, so you’ll always be one step ahead of everyone else. Visit CarolRoyseTeam.com for more information.

Saturday 11am-12pm

Real Estate Today is the weekend radio show that opens doors for home buyers and sellers.

Saturday 2pm - 5pm

Larry Kudlow is host of CNBC's primetime "The Kudlow Report" (7pm-8pm ET) and the co-host of CNBC's "The Call" (11am-12pm ET). He hosts "The Larry Kudlow Show" on Money Radio on Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm.

Saturday 5pm - 6pm

Motley Fool Money is an irreverent, fast-paced look at the world of business and investing. Each one-hour weekly episode features a roundtable discussion breaking down the biggest headlines from Wall Street, interviews with business leaders and authors, and an inside look at the stocks on our radar.

Saturday 8pm - 10pm

The Money Pit is a nationally syndicated, call-in radio show that helps listeners with their home repair and improvement problems.

Saturday 10pm - 3am

Erskine dares to investigate the tuth, examine the mysterious, and enjoy the humorous. He is a man of many talents having a background in entertainment, investigation, business enterprise, and mingling with the famous here and abroad.

Sunday 8am - 9am

Traveling With Francoise is about experiencing life, because it's never too late to get one!

Sunday 10am - 11am

Join Sinclair Noe for The Sunday Review. Sinclair will be having in depth conversations and interviews with business and financial authors, economists, and other financial experts.

Sunday 12pm - 1pm

Brad Berko and Jamal Mateen host different guests from the cigar industry, local businesses and local cigar stores/lounges in the valley. Find out what events and happenings are upcoming in your local valley cigar lounges . Informational, entertaining, interactive and fun.

Sunday 1pm - 2pm

The acclaimed nationally syndicated radio program devoted entirely to the Cigar Lifestyle. Every Saturday, Cigar Dave (also known as "The General") and his cadre of listeners (The "Cigar Lieutenants") invade radios in 90 cities across the United States.

Sunday 2pm - 5pm

Bob Brinker has more than twenty five years of investment management experience. He is the host of the weekend financial talk program MoneyTalk.

Sunday 5pm - 6pm

Mark McDougald and his partner, Craig Miller, co-host an hour of interactive radio each week with the sole mission of educating and empowering all listeners about how to secure the very best home mortgage for their personal financial situation and how to use that home mortgage as the cornerstone of their personal financial plan.

Sunday 6pm - 9pm

Clark Howard is the watchdog for consumers everywhere, and we feel Clark is a perfect fit. Protecting your wallet and keeping you aprised of the latest in consumer technology every weekday.

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