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Peter Schiff Show

Peter Schiff Show

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  • Weekdays 10pm - 11pm
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It doesn't take long for listeners to figure out that The Peter Schiff Show is not politics as usual. The iconoclastic economist, author, and visionary investor combines his unique outlook on current events, economics and political developments with humor and practical advice about life and personal finance.

From the budget crisis to the coming college tuition bubble, Peter delivers common sense analysis on the issues of the day and practical advice to his listeners. Unlike other radio hosts who only view the world through the prism of politics, Peter connects the dots between the worlds of finance, business, politics and economics. He not only illustrates what's going wrong, but offers real alternatives to help the country and his audience get back on track. This current events and caller-driven program not only equips listeners with the knowledge to benefit personally, but provides a fresh shot of reason that may help America reclaim a free and prosperous heritage.


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