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Mastering Money with Best Selling Author Steve Jurich

Mastering Money with Best Selling Author Steve Jurich

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  • Weekdays 8am - 9am

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About the Show

Mastering Money is hosted by Certified Income Specialist™ Steve Jurich. Steve’s comments
have been seen on MarketWatch, CNBC.com, Bloomberg, and TheStreet.com.
Steve is joined on most days by Money Radio favorite Sinclair Noe as well as experts and
authors from the world of Wall Street and real estate. Tune in every morning after the 8’o’clock
news to get a handle on emerging market trends, asset allocation strategies, social security,
medicare, RMD planning, tax strategies, estate planning, annuities, life insurance and more!
It’s been said that Steve speaks more like a favorite professor than an insurance agent, or even
a retirement advisor. Unlike the familiar breed of annuity agents who use pressure tactics and
tired lures like “free steak dinners” to gain captive audiences, Jurich’s priority is creating more
informed consumers. He takes time to make sure his clients understand the range of options
available to become better educated investors on the whole.
Take control of your retirement. Tune in MASTERING MONEY—Monday through Friday from
8AM to 9AM, right here on Money Radio!!

Learn about the SAFER BUCKETS Retirement System™ by visiting www.SaferBuckets.com.

Contact Steve by calling (480)902-3333, toll free (888) 310-1776 or email him: Steve@IQWealthGroup.com
Websites: IQWealthGroup.com , MyAnnuityGuy.com, www.OverfundLife.com


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